Abandoned Leaked Images Belong to a 2019 PS4 Build, Director Confirms

Abandoned was supposed to be available on PS4 as well.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 5, 2021

With the Abandoned leaked images spreading all over the internet, the developer explains more about the game’s canceled PS4 version.

The speculation around Abandoned still continues and no one really knows what’s the real story behind this game.

Recently, we talked about a Russian insider who believes that the game is a front for a new Metal Gear Solid project from Konami without Kojima’s involvement.

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On the other hand, we have the game director, Hasan Kahraman, who insists that Abandoned is an indie project and Blue Box Studio is the real team behind the game.

Abandoned – Announcement Teaser

Abandoned – Announcement Teaser

Abandoned Leaked Images Are Real

Recently, some images leaked from Abandoned that are said to be taken from Kahraman’s PSN account.

The screenshots showcase an in-game outdoor environment, but due to the dark lighting, there is not much to be discovered in the images.

That being said, some fans managed to see more from the screenshots by increasing the brightness of the image. As shown below, there’s a mushroom-like thing on the background behind the wall, when you increase the brightness.

Reacting to the Abandoned leaked images, Hasan Kahraman confirmed that images are real. He revealed that the images belong to a 2019 build of the game and are actually captured on PS4 Pro.

He explained that they decided to shift the development on PS5 as the last-gen console of Sony was not capable of delivering a full experience from Abandoned.

Abandoned is supposed to launch exclusively on PS5 on an unknown date. The game is a survival horror experience with quite a realistic environment design. You can download the game’s pre-load app now through the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 5.

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