Horror VR Game ABE Announced by Hammerhead Studio

Horror VR Game ABE Announced by Hammerhead Studio

A new VR game and a new short movie based on Rob McLellan's ABE were announced at E3 2019.

UK-based studio Hammerhead revealed its brand new game during E3 2019, titled ABE. The game was revealed during today’s UploadVR E3 showcase.

ABE is a game adaptation and continuation to the award-winning movie of the same name by Rob McLellan. The movie was a short film which first released nearly seven years ago, in 2013. The movie and game feature the titular ABE, a robot who’s trying to find love but in a twisted, wrong way.

ABE will be a tense, psychological horror experience. The game is a “location-based VR” game, but can be played with a without VR equipment. A new short film will be accompanying the game’s release as well.

You can find the trailer for ABE below. More information is to come soon on the game’s official Twitter account. No release date estimate was published by Hammerhead for now, besides that the game is “coming soon”.
VR is home to more and more horror games, and it’ll be interesting to see if ABE manages to differentiate itself or not. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on it.