AbleGamers Opens Website to Help Developers Get Direct Feedback From Disabled Gamers

AbleGamers Opens Website to Help Developers Get Direct Feedback From Disabled Gamers

Charity AbleGamers has just launched Accessible.Games, a new website that directly connects developers with disabled gamers to discuss accessibility.

Over the past year we have seen several strides towards making games more accessible. Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, CVAA legislation ensured that future titles will have communication systems that are accessible by those with disabilities, and Toys for Bob finally added cutscene subtitles to Spyro Reignited Trilogy after Activision said they weren’t an industry standard. That being said, there is still some work to be done, and AbleGamers hopes to help developers and players accomplish that with Accessible.Games. 

AbleGamers’ Accessible.Games is mainly made up of two distinct parts: the Accessible Player Experience Portal, or APX, and the AbleGamers Player Panels. APX is designed for developers to use so they can learn more about what can be done to make games accessible. Specifically, AbleGamers points out that developers will be able to learn the “APX triangle” as well as “22 design patterns that serve as tools for developers to fine-tune their design choices” via the Accessible Player Experience Portal.

When it comes to the AbleGamers Player Panels, this charity is actually giving gamers with disabilities a more direct way to give feedback to developers. Developers can either let them directly test their game and provide feedback or pitch an idea about a mechanic or project idea to the panel for insight.

For years, it has knowingly been tough for both disabled gamers to get their voices heard and for game developers to know where to listen for feedback regarding accessibility. Accessible.Games seems like it will be very useful in tackling these issues and will hopefully help create some truly great games that are accessible to everyone in the future.