Absolver to Receive Free Expansion on PS4 and PC Later This Month, Downfall

Absolver to Receive Free Expansion on PS4 and PC Later This Month, Downfall

SloClap's Absolver: Downfall update brings new fighting styles, challenges, masks, and a range of other features to the online multiplayer title.

The team at Sloclap, creators of the unique melee multiplayer title Absolver, have taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce a new expansion for the game on PS4 and PC featuring challenges and an additional fighting style.

Originally released last summer, Absolver is a multiplayer action role-playing title that sees players battle others online; it is based heavily on melee combat between competitors. The upcoming Downfall expansion will focus on this combat element by adding in the Faejin fighting style. The style is unashamedly inspired by the real-life form of martial arts called jeet kune do, which was made famous in the 1970s by movie star Bruce Lee and has been a mainstay of martial arts across a wide spectrum of different video games ever since.

Along with the new way to dispatch your foes, Downfall will also feature a new game mode simply entitled “Downfall Mode” that sees players delve into the game’s Adalian Mines to increase their inventory and fight against Arcell. Sloclap promises that Downfall Mode will continuously supply unique experiences with each playthrough.

In addition to this, there will also be a wealth of smaller elements added into the popular title like refined leaderboards, new intros, and weaponry, along with a host of new masks.

Absolver is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC, with the Downfall expansion due for both platforms on September 25 as a free update.