ABZU Trophies Missing a Platinum, Twelve Total Available to Earn

on July 31, 2016 1:58 PM

The trophy list for ABZU has gone live thanks to PSN Profiles. There are twelve trophies total, split between a gold, three silver, and eight bronze.

Some of the trophies require you to find all the collectible items, from secret shells to meditation statues, while others are more simple tasks such as leaping from the water. Sadly there is no platinum for this undersea adventure, but that shouldn’t deter you from playing this gorgeous game.

The full trophy list can be found below:


  • Collector: Add all secret shells to your collection.


  • Zen Master: Find all the meditation statues.
  • Reflection: Complete the adventure.
  • Ecosystem: Release fish from all the hidden pools.


  • Leviathan: Breach the water on the back of a blue whale.
  • Kraken: Discover those that lurk in the abyss.
  • Jetstream: Burst 15 fish schools in the jetstream.
  • Food Chain: Witness predation while meditating.
  • Connection: Ride the Great White Shark.
  • Breach: Leap from the water.
  • Ballet: Perform a flip while riding a creature.
  • Arctic Explorer: Discover the polar region.
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