The Great Ace Attorney 2 Gets Details on New Scenario Featuring Sherlock Holmes

Capcom released some scenario details for their upcoming detective mystery game The Great Ace Attorney 2. coming to Nintendo 3DS on August 3 in Japan.

The new scenario titled, The Kidnapping of Wax Figures, puts main protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo to the test to figure out who stole these precious items from the Madame Rosaic’s house.

Players will need to question and compare NPC’s alibis  to see who could have commented the crime. This includes questioning the owners of the wax figures. Ryunosuke is assisting Sherlock Holmes during the investigation so he’ll play more of a Watson role during these scenes.

Being set at the end of 19th century, scientific methods of investigation such as fingerprints were just being recognized by the court system. Ryunosuke’s full potential comes during the trial scenes where players must piece together clues provided by Holmes as well as the coroner Dr. Courtney, who works with the police.

Ryunosuke is a college student at the Yuumei University in the Empire of Japan. He travels to the British Empire following an incident and becomes an attorney. After meeting Sherlock Holmes, his journey begins to play out far bigger than he expected.

Players can begin to pre-download the game as of now.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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