PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7’s Radio Chatter Will Be Written by Ace Combat 04’s Writer

PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7’s Radio Chatter Will Be Written by Ace Combat 04’s Writer

One of the best elements of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies is the radio chatter, that does a great job in underlining the story and the action. Looks like that element is coming back in the upcoming Ace Combat 7, thanks to the return of its writer, Masahide Kito, who will take the role of Lead Radio Script Writer.

Kito-san is the developer who wrote the radio chatter in Ace Combat 04, then participating to the developer of Ace Combat 5: the Unsung War as a Radio Script Editor. He recently confirmed his involvement in the new project on Twitter, also mentioning that it’s good to do the same kind of work again after fifteen year from Ace Combat 04, but’s it’s also a source of pressure, and promising that he aims to do a good job.

After the frankly unimpressive release of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and the multiplayer venture with Ace Combat Infinity, Bandai Namco seems to be assembling a dream team from the golden age of the franchise, following Producer Kazutoki Kono, Scriptwriter  Sunao Katabuchi, and composer Keichi Kobayashi.

Kono-san himself mentioned told DualShockers in a recent interview that those who loved Ace Combat 04 and Ace Combat 5 are likely to enjoy the new numbered chapter of the series, and the premise is definitely positive, even thanks to the return to the fan-favorite fictional world of Strangereal.

If you want to see more about Ace Combat 7, you can check out some recent PlayStation VR footage, the latest trailer and the batch of screenshots released around PlayStation Experience.