Ace Combat Infinity X Tekken Revolution Collaboration Drop Event Revealed

Bandai Namco Games has announced a new collaboration between Ace Combat Infinity and Tekken Revolution which starts today at 5pm and ends on November 4th around 7pm. During this limited period unique airframes and emblems will be added as drop items in the game.

Su-35 -Jin-


This airframe for the Su-35 portrays Jin Kazuma enveloped by the flames of fate and anger, and will allow you to seize and attack the opponent at range in the blink of an eye. The equipped “MHPM” is a unique armament that strengthens attacks performed just after a lock-on.

Su-35 -Kazuya-


Another airframe for the Su-35 instead shows Kazuya Mishima enveloped in the flames of fate and anger. While both airframes possess equal in-air fighting capabilities, this one in particular strengthens rolling maneuvers,  and fares better at point blank combat. It also has the same unique “MHPM” armament that rewards precise timing in battle.

Su-34 -Alisa & Xiaoyu-


[Translation by Timothy Roy]


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