Dear Esther Studio The Chinese Room Acquired by Sumo Digital

The BAFTA-winning Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture studio The Chinese Room has been acquired by Sumo Digital.

on August 14, 2018 8:53 AM

The studio behind such titles as Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs has been acquired by the ever-growing umbrella of Sumo Digital, making The Chinese Room their fifth studio to date.

In a blog post explaining why The Chinses Room decided to join forces with Sumo Digital, the studio’s creative designer Dan Pinchbeck described this as an “exciting time”. The team went dark in September of last year seeing major layoffs. Pinchbeck continued to say that being acquired by Sumo Digital offered The Chinese Room’s remaining members a chance to work on new projects and tackle larger scale undertakings than they were capable of before. It also means that they can now get back to some of their unfinished projects such as The 13th Interior and So Let Us Melt, although there are no release windows confirmed as of yet.

The Brighton-based indie studio has seen many accomplishments over the years including picking up three BAFTAs for their work on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in 2016. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is available now on PC and PlayStation 4, while Dear Esther can be picked up on Linux, PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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