Act V: The Reckoning Released for Dungeon Fighter Online

on October 18, 2010 11:30 PM

Act V: The Reckoning Released for Dungeon Fighter Online
A new update for Nexon’s popular MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online has players exploring their inner Priest. Act V: The Reckoning is made to “revamp” the Priest class by changing things up a bit. Starting with his appearance, the Priest will don freshly cut hair and more muscles than before. His default skills will add a melee skill “Smash,” but at the same time removing the “Slow Heal” skill. All three subclasses for the Priest will also get new skills and Awakenings. The three subclasses will see these Awakenings:

  • Crusader – Paladin
  • Monk – Templar
  • Exorcist – ┬áHyperion

With these new Awakenings comes new Awakening skills, such as:

  • Paladin – Apocalypse
  • Templar- Big Bang Punch
  • Hyperion- Blue Dragon Hammer

Along with the Priest hook-ups, some new quests have been added and some of the early level quest will have the difficulty levels adjusted to make challenges “simpler and more accessible.”

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