Action Adventure Game Lost God Announced, Gets Reveal Trailer and Screenshots

Action Adventure Game Lost God Announced, Gets Reveal Trailer and Screenshots

Time Stop Interactive announced their upcoming action adventure game Lost God alongside releasing a new trailer and screenshots.

Time Stop Interactive announced today their upcoming action adventure game, Lost God. The game will focus on non-linear gameplay while incorporating elements from the metroidvania genre. The purpose of this design choice is to guide the player to the goal while still giving them the option to explore the worlds secrets and various puzzles. Alongside the game’s announcement, we also received a new trailer and screenshots, which can be seen below.

Combat in Lost God will be focused on evading enemy attacks and exploiting weaknesses in the enemies defense that they might open up. The player will also have various weapons, equipment and tools to assist in defeating enemies.

The developers also announced that a Steam Greenlight campaign for Lost God will be launching Spring 2017.

Time Stop Interactive had this to say regarding their upcoming title:

“The game takes place in the forest of god, an ancient place where exiles and criminals are sent to atone for their sins, hunted down by a terrible monster to appease the wrath of god. You were one of these exiles and just as in the stories the monster came for you. The last thing you remember is a blade coming right towards you. Opening your eyes you find yourself laying on a strange stone platform in the forest, all the wounds on your body and tears in your clothes gone. Lost and confused you must now explore the world around you to discover the secrets behind the forest and your newfound immortality.”

There is currently no scheduled release date for Lost God, but a Steam Greenlight campaign will begin Spring 2017.