Stylized and Nightmarish Action RPG Lucah Takes to Kickstarter

PC, Mac, and Linux game Lucah from developer melessthanthree takes to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Los Angeles-based developer melessthanthree has taken to Kickstarter, seeking $20,000 for its action RPG: Lucah.

According to the developer, Lucah is a style-action role-playing game about “finding oneself in a nightmarish world.” It originally began as a small solo project by developer Colin Horgan, inspired by personal struggles with identity and mental illness. According to the developer, it draws on horror, songwriting, and arcade action to present an experience of struggle and self-discovery.

In the game you play as one of the “Marked,” and must use your cursed powers to fend off the Nightmares that are pursuing you. Combat is described as stylish and punishing, featuring a hybrid of Melee-based and Projectile-based styles. Deploying light and heavy attacks, a lot of the combat will consist of evading and parrying, looking to counterattack. Further, if you mess up or become overwhelmed you can rewind time for a second chance or a fresh approach.

There is also said to be customization, with the option of choosing from a variety of movesets and character properties in order to form your own style of play.

The following story overview of the game is provided via its Kickstarter page:

Lucah is one of the Marked, children with innate magical powers that are hunted and feared for the destructive potential they hold. After a terrifying dream, they wake into a distorted and hellish ritual space.

Dark, oppressive, and dangerous, the world manifests Nightmares to keep Lucah confined in their endless torment. Trapped and afraid, Lucah must survive the onslaught in order to seek Purification and escape the Corruption that threatens to consume them.

“…but you know you must move forward / you must fight / it’s all you know…”

According to the developer, the game is played across 10 chapters (6-8 hours long), and it has taken to Kickstarter to raise money to complete the last seven of these chapters.

In development for PC, Mac, and Linux, Lucah is poised to release sometime next year, 2018. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch releases will be a possibility after the game launches.

Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanies the Kickstarter:

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