Action Title Dawn of the Ronin Has You Play an Unnamed Warrior in 16th Century Japan

on August 20, 2015 9:54 PM

For those who want a more historically accurate depiction of Japan in their video games, upcoming PC indie title Dawn of the Ronin from Rising Sun Studios may be your best option.

You play as a unnamed Ronin (essentially a rogue Samurai) who is one of thousands drafted by Toyotomi Hideyori to fight against the Tokugawa Ieyasu regime.

The title features such gameplay and story mechanics as:

  • Unlock new sword stances and moves as you progress, giving you greater flexibility in combat.
  • Choose between a male or female warrior to protect your homeland, each with individual fighting styles and animations.
  • Utilise blocks, dodging and throwing attacks to defeat your opponents.
  • Experience the true beauty of the orient with highly stylised visuals and authentic soundtrack.
  • Witness history like never before, where fact and myth seamlessly intertwine in an engaging adventure across Japan.
  • Fight alongside other Samurai warriors in vicious and bloody skirmishes, with (tasteful) gore and dismemberment.

The title has already been Greenlit on Steam and is currently in development. I must admit, this game looks very promising and I look forward to seeing more of it.

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