Activision Blizzard Closes Longtime Office Out of France

Activision Blizzard has closed a wing of the company located out of Versailles, France that has been operating in some capacity since the 90s.

Perhaps no other major publisher in the video game industry has had a more tumultuous past 18 months or so than that of Activision Blizzard. After laying off roughly 800 members of its staff in early 2019, the publishing giant has now closed another wing of its company this week.

Reported by Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard told employees this week in its office located in Versailles, France that it would be closing the location down. As of 2019, this office was said to house around 400 employees in total and was a space in which Activision Blizzard handled marketing, localization, and other tasks associated with the publisher’s presence in Europe.

This Versailles office has had ties to Blizzard as far back as the 1990s. Before merging with Activision, Blizzard was owned by the French company Vivendi. As such, this headquarters had long been a solely Blizzard-run operation before Vivendi merged with Activision nearly ten years ago. While the office seemingly hasn’t functioned in the way it once did for quite some time, its closure brings about the end of an era in many ways.

As of this writing, it is not known just now many employees may be without jobs as a result of this move, but more information is said to be disclosed in the coming week. Fortunately, it sounds as though Activision Blizzard has spent the past year or so restructuring this office to ensure that some workers were moved on to different areas of the publishing company. All the same, our best goes out to all of those who have been affected.

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