Activision Defends Call of Duty’s Performance; Treyarch’s New COD “One Of Our Best Games Yet”

Activision Defends Call of Duty’s Performance; Treyarch’s New COD “One Of Our Best Games Yet”

During the financial results call for investors and analysts, Activision responded to allegations that the Call of Duty franchise might be starting to suffer from fatigue, based on the fact that sales year over year are lowering; The publisher also promised great things for the next installment developed by Treyarch.

I don’t think it’s franchise-oriented. It was the number one game for the sixth consecutive year in North America, and we’re now well past a billion dollars in sell-through, and as we just announced we’re up to a great start with our DLC season of Advanced Warfare, which is double digits both on season pass and on cart DLC sales, and engagement is higher than it was a year ago.

Also, Advanced Warfare is a great game, that was really well received by both critics and fans, and they create a lot of positive buzz for the franchise. We’re attached at a franchise-high level to the next-gen consoles, which I think is what matters most when we’re looking towards the future.

But I actually think the franchise ended the year in a great place and enters 2015 with a lot of momentum.

2014 was the height of the console transition, so I think that comparing to years when Call of Duty was able to sell to a much larger and more stable installed base is not an apples to apples comparison.

Our 2015 guidance on Call of Duty is nearly flat year over year, but we saw that’s a pretty conservative planning assumption. We have Treyarch developing the game, we’ll have a larger installed base in next-gen hardware to sell into, and we believe our Q4 new release is gonna be one of our best games yet. So we think te future’s bright.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see where Treyarch will bring the Call of Duty franchise, but we’ll probably have to wait a few months to finally know for sure.