Activision Files Trademark For CoD Film

Sitting here and just thinking about another game-to-movie adaptation makes me cringe. So far, just about 98.99% of game-to-movie films have sucked beyond belief. The greatest actors in the world couldn’t salvage the plots and sequences that occurred throughout these films. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro could have played in the Super Mario Bros. movie and it still would have sucked (and yes, add thick mustaches to them both – they’d look like Pizza flippin’ fuckers). I would probably say the only film in this horrific style of movie making that makes my list as a decent movie would probably have to be Silent Hill; and that’s only because certain aspects of the movie were almost as creepy as the original PlayStation game.

Apparently, Activision wants to join in the fun of making movies as well. In a recent trademark filing, Activision looks to be taking its Call of Duty franchise to the big screen in what would more than likely end up being some sort of war movie /endSarcasm. I’m more prone to watching the game-to-movie adaptation of this title only if it’s modern warfare based. God knows how many World War II movies I’ve seen already in my 26 years of life; I’ve probably seen more action that actual vets, and I doubt that it will outdo Tom Hanks and his boys in Saving Private Ryan, personally.

Let’s see where Activision takes this.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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