Activision Finally Wins Rights

on September 9, 2011 8:30 AM

July was a memorable month for most of us this year. Independence day started the month, then my birthday came along (and we all love my birthday). But what made the month of July so special, aside from my birthday, was the taste of irony that gamers had experienced.

We all remember the domain, right? You know, the site that led users to the official Battlefield 3 site. Yea, that one. Well, it was recently discovered that an avid fan of the Battlefield franchise (not EA) had purchased the domain and thought it would be funny (which it was) to redirect Call of Duty fans to the BF 3 website for giggles. And while the gaming industry laughed and pointed their fingers at Activision for the herp derp, the company decided to go the legal route and accuse the domain’s owner of having no rights to the domain, as well as using it in bad faith. Valid points? From a legal standpoint, yes.

Almost two months later, a verdict was reached naming Activision the owner of the domain name. While there’s nothing yet there occupying the name, I’m pretty sure they’re all shaking hands and congratulating themselves for a job well done on salvaging their pride. As these folks toast and laugh on their triumphant success in legally obtaining their rightful domain, a new critter has spawned which has made this entire escapade hilarious. Say hello to, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s see how Activision responds to this.

For the full decision on the case, you can head here.


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