Activision GoldenEye in November

on June 4, 2010 1:45 PM

Activision GoldenEye in November

We can declare that Activision has become one of this generation’s most successful publishers, even after they single-handedly made Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward fall apart like a low-income family in the Bronx losing Section 8. But the publisher is still moving forward, head up high, taking on new projects that might attract many fans of a game that introduced many us to first-person-shooters on a console – GoldenEye.

According to Eurogamer, Activision is working on a GoldenEye title for both Wii and DS, which should be hitting the Nintendo consoles this November. The working-title may be a remake of the classic Nintendo 64 game – which was originally developed by Rare – and, according to Eurogamer’s source, the publisher intends to show it off at this year’s E3.

Taking the helm in the development of this title are two studios – UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space. There’s nothing at this moment, aside from a bunch of speculation, surrounding this news. But, if it proves to be true, expect a little something at E3, where Jon, Al and Joel will bring us some hands-on impressions, hopefully.


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