Ada Wong's Campaign Revealed for Resident Evil 6

It’s time to figure out where your loyalties lie: Ada Wong, the ever-shifty agent of corporate espionage, gets her own campaign in the upcoming Resident Evil 6. If those of you with a penchant for spies (and zombies) are already jumping at the bit to slip into a little red number and don your exploding sunglasses, you can sate your appetite with ten new screenshots and two videos linked below. Just be sure you don’t fall in love with the enemy in the process.

Ada Wong’s campaign looks like it will be a refreshing take on the female spy, particularly since, instead of a heaving bosom and fluttering lashes, she’s been equipped with a slick pair of leather pants and a gun. Sure, she’s got her zipper pulled a little low in the front, but it’s always refreshing to see a female character who spends her time kicking ass and taking names instead of posing on the beach.

Take a look for yourself – Ada Wong will be an unlockable feature in Resident Evil 6, and will be able to infiltrate other players’ campaigns (if they have the option enabled).



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