Pikachu and Squirtle Share the Limelight in New Adidas Pokemon Sneakers

Pikachu and Squirtle Share the Limelight in New Adidas Pokemon Sneakers

As a die-hard Pokemon fan, I almost hyperventilated after seeing this Adidas collab of Pokemon sneakers and I can't wait for the release date.

Pokémon’s reach is extending further every year, from new games to new merchandise and now new sneakers. After the release of custom Air Jordan’s, for the premiere of Detective PikachuSolebyjc recently revealed on Instagram a pair of sneakers that looked custom made but are apart of an Adidas collab.

Adidas will soon be releasing a pair of low top Pokemon sneakers and in my opinion, they’re very cute, even if they look like a sneaker you would buy for a kid, the inner child in me wants them anyway.

Addias is Coming Out With Pikachu Inspired Sneakers


The sneakers consist of an all-over print of an embroidered Pikachu, and a bright yellow Pikachu on the sides. In addition to this, the words Pokemon are written on the front of the tongue and there’s a Pokeball on the inner tongue. It’s also rumored that a pair of Squirtle Adidas could be joining the collection, but those have yet to be confirmed.


The Squirtle design is the same as the Pikachu design, the only difference is they would be blue not yellow. Another rumor is circulating about Adidas gearing up to produce a whole line of original starter Pokemon sneakers but that has yet to be confirmed.

Unfortunately, at this time Adidas has yet to announce an official release date for the collab. Which means gamers, as well Pokemon fans will have to wait until one is announced. If you do find yourself getting a pair when they’re released, don’t forget to wear them while playing Pokemon Go.