Adorable Demon Slayer Duo Pulls Off the Best Cosplay You’ve Seen Yet

Just wait until you see what's in the box.

September 7, 2021

This Father-daughter duo impresses with their Demon Slayer cosplay of Tanjiro and Nezuko.

There are some cosplays that immediately take your breath away, and then there are some that take a moment to stun you with their ingenuity. This father-daughter duo falls in the latter category and has been charming people with their Demon Slayer cosplay.

The two are dressed as Tanjiro and Nezuko, a brother-sister duo. The man dressed as Tanjiro is Yuhki Kanetani, a cosplayer that goes by uncle_yukhi on Instagram. The little girl cosplaying as Nezuko is his daughter and she looks like she is following strongly in her father’s footsteps.


Yuhki Kanetani is both an avid cosplayer and a Twitch streamer. He plans on attending Taiyou Con, which will hopefully result in more cute cosplay moments like this.

Yukhi looks like most other cosplayers at first, wearing Tanjiro’s standard black uniform with a matching blue checkered mask and jacket. But it is the handcrafted wooden box, in which his daughter hides dressed as Nezuko, that is the real show stopper here.

She is a perfect chibi Nezuko with her matching pink kimono and bow. Although it is hard to picture this sweet little girl turning into a demon.

This cosplay is of course feeding into the excitement many are feeling for the new Demon Slayer game that will be releasing in North America and Europe on October 15th.

Hopefully, with the release of the game, we will see a new wave of adorable Demon Slayer cosplays just like this!

Rachel Heleva

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