The Adorable Pakko Revealed for Gigantic’s Next Major Update

The Adorable Pakko Revealed for Gigantic’s Next Major Update

The PC and Xbox One MOBA Gigantic will be getting a new character in its upcoming Exile in the North expansion.

The update, which will launch on January 19th, will add various new contents, with more information being revealed each day leading to its release.

Today we get a look at the playable character Pakko. Dubbed the “Jolly Brute”, he’s an adorable bright blue bear-thing with a warm smile and a huge pink nose.

With his wintry motif he’d have made a great Christmas addition. But as cute as he may seem he isn’t to be taken lightly. The game’s official website describes his “powerful melee” potential and “surprising agility”:

This happy-go-lucky critter trots his way into the action with powerful melee abilities packed into his paws, maneuvering around the opposition with surprising agility.

We can see from the chart on his character page that Pakko’s strongest attribute is his defense, which is bolstered by moderate offense and agility capabilities.

His abilities include:

Frosty Swipes

Pakko’s primary attack playfully pummels his opponents as he beats them to a pulp with a smashing melee combo.

Snowball Toss

Pakko hurls an icy sphere towards your enemies which will explode on impact, freezing them in place.

Breath of Frigid Air

Pakko’s focus attack freezes enemies before turning them into harmless snowmen, rendering them completely immobile.

Slip and Slide

Pakko careens across the battlefield on his backside, throwing his weight around and into his adversaries.

Frost Path

Pakko lays down an enchanted trail of ice, freezing his foes while giving his teammates some extra pep in their step.

View a few images of Pakko in the gallery below. Gigantic is available now.