ADR1FT Will be Oculus Rift Exlusive at Launch, Other Virtual Reality Platforms To Be Determined

on February 28, 2016 1:15 PM

In a blog update on ADR1FT developer Threeonezero’s site, Adam Orth addressed concerns about purchasing ADR1FT and which platforms it will be made available on over the course of its life.

Currently those who purchase ADR1FT via the Oculus Home Platform will have access to both the VR and 2D version, and can switch between the two at will by simply removing the headset.

Those who purchase the game on Steam will gain access to the 2D version, though if they later purchase an Oculus Rift will be able to redeem a free Oculus Home key to unlock the VR version. However Threeonezero currently does not have a method for how to distribute this key to Steam and Collector’s Edition owners, but promise they will have one that is “simple and easy for everyone.”

If you purchased a Collector’s Edition through iam8bit you will receive a Oculus Home key and Steam key.

Explaining why ADR1FT does not support Steam VR currently, the developer stated,

ADR1FT doesn’t currently support Steam VR because we are working with and supporting Oculus and their entry into the marketplace. We’ve been working closely with Oculus for most of the development of ADR1FT and we want to support them as partners because we love them, their hardware and their vision for VR. It is entirely possible that this may change in the future, but we don’t have any information regarding that and it is entirely out of our hands as the software developer. These are decisions for the platform owners to make. We have no say in that whatsoever. Not even invited to the table read.

However, when asked if ADR1FT will be an Oculus Rift exclusive they confirm it will not be and are “working on bringing ADR1Ft to other VR platforms.” Which platforms those are have yet to be announced.

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