Adrift Cancelled on Xbox One

Adrift Cancelled on Xbox One

Today, developer Adam Orth revealed that first-person space game Adrift is no longer coming to Xbox One.

As you may remember, Adrift was first revealed back in 2014 during the Game Awards. Upon announcement the space game was expected to arrive sometime in the summer of 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead the game didn’t arrive on PC — which it did via Oculus Rift and Steam — until March 2016. A few months later in July it released onto the PS4. At the time, publisher 505 Games said the Xbox One version was still coming. Alas, it is not.


The news of its cancellation on Xbox One came via Twitter. When talking with a fan, Orth told said fan to “get a refund immediately” in regards to the fan pre-ordering the game on Xbox One, saying that the game was not coming to Xbox One.

This was followed up with Orth cofirming the news to New Game Network, “ADR1FT will not be coming to Xbox One. I hope [fans] are able to find some way to experience and enjoy it on our other platforms.”

A reason for cancellation was not divulged.