Adult Swim’s New Game, Hot Throttle, is Bizarre, Even For Adult Swim Standards

on February 4, 2011 8:00 AM

Adult Swim's New Game, Hot Throttle, is Bizarre, Even For Adult Swim Standards

Look at that picture above. If your WTF-meter doesn’t blast through the roof and render you speechless, thoughtless, dumb, deaf, and blind, you are a stronger person that me. It’s a shot taken from one of the cutscenes in Hot Throttle, Adult Swim’s newest and by far most bizzare offering.

You thought Pipedreamz and Cream Wolf were disturbing? Hot Throttle makes them look like Cooking Mama games. It’s a racing game, except instead of a vehicle, you’re a naked, oiled up guy that thinks he’s a car. Between races there’s cutscenes that I think are trying to tell some sort of story, but honestly, the scenes just make the game even more bizarre, with your character doing some odd, ODD things.

Granted, the gameplay isn’t too good, and the controls take getting used to, but I’ve been finding myself playing this just to see more and more weird cutscenes. Play it here, and prepare to have your mind blown.

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