Adventure Craft Brings Its Procedurally Generated Action to Steam Early Access with a New Trailer

Adventure Craft Brings Its Procedurally Generated Action to Steam Early Access with a New Trailer

Edible Entertainment's action RPG Adventure Craft has come to Steam Early Access with a new trailer showcasing the game's combat and crafting.

Edible Entertainment has announced that their procedurally generated action RPG Adventure Craft has made its way to Steam’s Early Access program. In celebration of this, the team has released a new trailer, detailing the game’s combat, crafting, and customization options.

Adventure Craft asks players to survive in its fantasy world by hunting down monsters through the night, through cast cave networks, or just by day, in order to acquire the resources necessary to become stronger and just all-around more cool-looking. And don’t forget that adventuring can get pretty lonely, so make sure to craft some clones to help out with the really dangerous stuff! When all of the work is done, maybe you all can head back home and gather around the campfire.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the primary gameplay elements that you can expect to find in Adventure Craft.

  • EXPLORE a vast, virtually endless, procedurally generated world, featuring multiple biomes inhabited by their own wildlife and monsters
  • EXPERIENCE a full Day/Night cycle that constantly changes the gameplay experience based on the time of the day
  • DESCEND into a deep dark cave system full of extreme dangers, treasure and powerful monsters that fear the sun of the world above
  • CRAFT a large variety of weapons and equipment with lots of materials and loot
  • BUILD a home and customize it to fit your personality with decorations and furnishings
  • CREATE custom party members in a cloning vat and customize their AI through the AI creator
  • TRAIN a pet attack dog who grows and learns new abilities over time

For more information on Adventure Craft, you are encouraged to check out the game’s official website. The game is also expected to release on iOS devices at some point. Below is the new trailer showcasing many of the game’s primary mechanics.