Adventure Into Eorzea With This Fan-Made Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG

May 23, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV player Arkana Grey created a TTRPG system that empowers players to explore Eorzea using dice.

Although it’s been a decade, Final Fantasy XIV remains one of gaming’s most expansive MMOs. Boasting five massive story campaigns, a near-endless number of side quests, and raids upon raids for players to dig into, FFXIV is an online experience to behold.

With nothing short of tens of thousands of players online at any given moment, it’s clear FFXIV continues to enjoy worldwide popularity. It’s no surprise, then, that FFXIV is home to a community of extremely passionate players. Forums and subreddits abound with eye-catching cosplays and stunning artwork. One fan, however, took to showing their love for the game in a unique way.


Looking to bring FFXIV to the tabletop, Final Fantasy fan Arkana Grey invites players to explore Eorzea TTRPG-style.


While Final Fantasy XIV is already an RPG, much of its character roleplaying is dependent on the player themselves. Of course, the game provides numerous avenues to explore – classes, items, abilities, and so on; however, building and acting a character personality remains more of a personal decision than a core integrated mechanic.

FFXIV fan Arkana Grey sought to change this, aiming to incorporate character roleplay more regularly into gameplay. Their solution? A fully-fledged fan-made Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG system called “Eorzea RPG.”

“I’ve been roleplaying in FFXIV for a few years now, and being a regular player of DnD 5e I wanted something similar for adventures in Eorzea but without the restrictions that other TTRPGS provide, but also a bit more complex than systems like FATE. The Carrd has the download links that are being updated over time, and the home page has a link to the development road map.”

Arkana Grey (@Grey_Fantasies)

Though other TTRPG systems exist, Grey wanted to create something far more approachable. Grey designed this system to specifically include minimal dice-rolling, focusing more on providing opportunities to design original campaigns.

Easing on the math and resource management allows players to be more involved in adventure roleplay – which is not to say that stats aren’t important. Characters each have Resilience Ratings (equivalent to D&D‘s Armor Class) and Abilities that can influence the effectiveness of attacks. The simple structure of the system allows for as much creative freedom as players want, with a solid rule order to stick to.

Currently, Arkana Grey has completed the core Rules and Rules Lite documents, and is currently developing a Soul Crystals expansion. Luckily, Grey also has extended Backgrounds, Environments, Bestiaries, and Character Creation documents on the way. To keep up to date with this incredible project, be sure to follow Arkana Grey on Twitter!

Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on PC.

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