AereA Gets Launch Trailer For Xbox One & PS4 Release: Does Not Play the Same Backwards as Forwards

AereA Gets Launch Trailer For Xbox One & PS4 Release: Does Not Play the Same Backwards as Forwards

The fine folks at Soedesco unveiled a launch trailer for the music-inspired RPG, AereA, which releases tomorrow on the Xbox One and the PS4.

Everyone’s favorite music inspired isometric-ish RPG with a palindrome for a name is out tomorrow on Xbox One and PS4. AereA launched on Steam nearly a month back and its time for next-gen console owners to get in on the action. The news was coupled with a trailer that features accordion snakes and bagpipe spiders which makes everything infinitely more interesting.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where musical instruments contain magical properties. A maestro named Demetrio uses this power to exert control over living animals. His compatriot, Guido, is shocked by this behavior and sends his own students to stop this flagrant abuse of magic. Demetrio, defeated by his friend’s arcane ability, disappears and it’s up to the 4 proteges to find the ‘primordial instruments’ and restore order to the world of AereA.

Gameplay contains elements of dungeon crawling, RPG progression, and action based battles. There are also four classes to choose from including: the Harp-Archer (Wolff), the Cello-Knight (Jacques), the Lute-Mage (Jules) and the Trumpet-Gunner (Claude).  The usual obstacles such as enemy hordes, simple puzzles, and large bosses (including the monster instrument hybrids) will be there to block your path.

Other features include:

  • Lose yourself in the beautifully hand-drawn graphic style in 4K resolution
  • Enjoy the beautiful music by Broforce composer Deon van Heerden
  • Play as 4 different musical themed characters, each with their own unique set of abilities
  • Fight 9 unique bosses, inspired by a specific musical instruments
  • Explore multiple islands with a wide variety of biomes, enemies and puzzles
  • Switch [not a reference to the system] to local 4-player co-op to form a team with up to 3 friends at any time

While no consistent North American price has been given for AereA on the Xbox One and PS4, it will probably be the same as the $29.99 USD for the PC version. Europe is also getting Collector’s edition for all three platforms valued at £34.99 (approx $45.50 USD).

The launch trailer is available below: