Aeria Games Bringing Christmas Expansion Cheer

Aeria Games Bringing Christmas Expansion Cheer

Aeria Games has decided to celebrate the holidays by bringing new expansions to Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia in time for the holidays.

The Everwinter Knights expansion for Eden Eternal brings tons of new content that includes level cap increase to 75, Dragon Knight class, new skills and abilities, Awakening Armor, three new zones and instances, new solo instances, and a new winter event.

Grand Fantasia players will be able to enjoy the following content in the Return to Wonderland expansion:

  • Costume Alchemy System that allows enchantments on vanity costumes
  • A 1v1 duel arena where players compete for rank and special titles
  • New dungeon
  • Quest to save the Mother of Gaia tree
  • level 90 legendary weapons
  • Revamped casino
  • Winter holiday event

Gamers playing these games or looking for a new free to play MMO to get into have a ton of new content to look forward to with the release of these expansions.