Aeria Games Details Scarlet Blade

Aeria Games Details Scarlet Blade

Aeria Games has announced signups for closed beta of a new free to play MMORPG, which throws players into a futuristic setting, called Scarlet Blade.

In Scarlet Blade, Earth has been invaded by aliens known as the Narak and mankind eventually falls to near extinct levels. The few are left to fight back against the Narak and the only group capable is the Arkana, which is a group of genetically enhanced humanoid females.

The classes featured in the game are the Whipper that focuses on DPS, Defender is the group’s tank, Medic keeps everyone healed on the battlefield, Punisher focuses on range attacks, and Shadow Walker is a stealth based class.

The game will be free to download and play with players able to go the game’s site here and sign up for the closed beta. MMORPG gamers looking for a new free to play game to try out will want to sign up for the open beta and check out the trailer for the game below.