It’s Aerith’s Birthday and Fans are Celebrating on Twitter

It’s Aerith’s Birthday and Fans are Celebrating on Twitter

On Twitter fans are showing off some of their best fan content to celebrate Aerith's birthday.

Aerith Gainsborough, of Final Fantasy VII fame, is celebrating her birthday in Japan already (2/7) and Japanese fans are celebrating along with her. On Twitter fans are posting artwork, screenshots, edits, videos, cosplay, and other amazing tributes to this much beloved character. Participants are posting using the hastag #エアリス生誕祭2021 and below you can check out some highlights:

There’s tons of amazing content available in the hashtag, which will definitely continue tomorrow as more fans from other countries join in on the Aerith birthday celebration (particularly in the United States). So be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter.

Just last year Asuka Yoshikawa, Aerith’s mocap actress in Final Fantasy VII Remake, revealed some really interesting news on her official Twitter account. According to the translated version by Twitter user Audrey, Yoshikawa and Sephiroth’s mocap actor recently completed a four hour long session together. It’s interesting to note that she mentioned the staff praising them both, which hints at a possible difficult or emotional scene between them.

And Briana White, who most Final Fantasy VII Remake players will know is the English voice of Aerith, posted on her personal Twitter account a couple of shots from a photoshoot with photographer Martin Wong showing off her amazing cosplaying skills as the iconic Centra. Thanks to the help of Twitch streamer and cosplayer Lady Zero, White’s beautiful dress and ribbon enabled her to slip into the role of Aerith perfectly. Briana also sought the help of professional makeup artist, Twitch streamer, and cosplayer Helloiamkate, completing the Aerith photoshoot.

Final Fantasy VII Remake finally released on April 10th after a one month delay. Check out our extremely comprehensive review of the title here. I wrote a pretty comprehensive beginner’s guide for players just starting out (including some handy Materia and weapon builds for Tifa) but you can also check out this incredibly intricate and damaging combo to see why proper character builds matter in Remake.