AEW Action Figures Maker Talks Pro Wrestling Toys and Dream AEW Video Game

AEW Action Figures Maker Talks Pro Wrestling Toys and Dream AEW Video Game

Wicked Cool Toys, the creators of the upcoming AEW action figures line, discussed authenticity in wrestling toys, and their dream AEW video game.

A few weeks back, AEW action figures were revealed. Yes, All Elite Wrestling will have their own line toys featuring some of the faces and heels of the groundbreaking pro wrestling company. DualShockers’ own Mario Rivera was able to chat with Wicked Cool Toys Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Management Greg Mitchell and Senior Designer Magic Almos at C2E2 about the upcoming figures, as well as their dream AEW video game.

If you are unaware, there have been loads of pro wrestling toys released for decades. The goal for Wicked Cool Toys was to improve on the standard you may be accustomed to. “There have been so many great wrestling toys out there,” says Almos. “There’s been like 10 years of really great wrestling toys; probably the best ever. So, we wanted to just take them to the next level.” To accomplish that, the toys have more modern articulation, like rocker hips and torso, that give the figures a lot more flexibility. They also a lot of detail that AEW fans will enjoy, like authentic gear and face sculpts.

The first line of AEW action figures will include the EVP’s of the company: Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson). This is what Mitchell had to say about choosing these particular wrestlers as their first line of figures:

“It was a right and symbolic choice to have the EVP’s in that first round Again, one guy has had a million figures, so, the challenge was to make the best Jericho figure ever. The rest of them, they’ve built the company from their brains, their hearts, and on their backs, but most of them haven’t had figures before. It was a great opportunity to add A+ talent who are driving the company. Plus, we haven’t had these guys and lady in plastic before, so, we really need to go for this.

Lastly, Almos and Mitchell discussed what their dream AEW video game would be. Almos said Wrestlemania 2000 or No Mercy, while Mitchell said whatever game Jerma uses for his Jerma Rumbles and Jerma Manias. If my research is correct, those are the WWE 2K games. If you want to read my opinion on the last entry in the WWE 2K series, here is the review.

You can check out the entire interview above. While we haven’t done AEW recaps in a very long time, maybe it’s time we start doing that on the regular again. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.