AEW Wrestler Kenny Omega Dressed as Sans from Undertale

AEW Wrestler Kenny Omega Dressed as Sans from Undertale

Just when you thought AEW Dynamite couldn't get better, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega comes out as Sans from Undertale with Megalovania as his entrance music.

It is no surprise that wrestlers nowadays like video games. They travel across the world every week. They have to keep themselves busy somehow during those long traveling hours. However, some wrestlers show their love for games in and out of the ring. AEW wrestler Kenny Omega is one of these people, and during last night’s taping of AEW Dynamite, he dressed as Sans from Undertale.

As seen in the tweet above, Kenny Omega’s entrance this week was not the normal routine he has done since AEW Dynamite premiered. Instead, probably the most beloved song from Toby Fox’s popular game Megalovania starts to play. Then Omega comes out with a faithful costume of Sans from Undertale. Omega coming out hands in jacket pockets, taking center stage and giving the big “I don’t know” gesture as the pyro is set ablaze will make any Undertale fan happy.

Before Omega actually came out, a familiar-looking lion head begins to speak saying, “You remember us, don’t you…? We’re Still inseparable after all this time, aren’t we…? CLEANER.” It then shows pixel art versions of AEW wrestlers such as Riho and the Young Bucks. But then the lion asks, “Remember your BEST friend?” This is in regards to Kota Ibushi, Omega’s other half in the Golden Lovers. At one point, Undertale‘s Sans interrupts the lion by saying, “stick a sock in it, pal,” and asks Omega if he can tag in this time.

This is not the first time Omega has come out in video game inspired gear. It’s not even the first time he used Undertale as his theme. During Wrestle Kingdom 13, Omega came out as Kris from Undertale using the song “Hopes and Dreams” as his entrance music. He has also come out as Akira from the Street Fighter series at Fyter Fest, and sported some Destiny inspired gear.

AEW wrestler Kenny Omega is by no means the only wrestler donning video game inspired gear. During last year’s Ring of Honor PPV, Final Battle, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi Rhodes came out as Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.