After Conquering Pokemon, Twitch Plays Halo is The Next Streaming Sensation with Halo: Combat Evolved

on February 27, 2015 11:23 AM

Last year all eyes were glued onto computer screens everywhere for the online sensation that was “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” and after working their way through every generation of the Pokemon games, the Twitch crowd is moving on to a new series – Halo.

In a new stream channel set up through Twitch, users on the massively-popular streaming network have moved on to the Halo series starting with the original classic, Halo: Combat Evolved – suffice it to say, Halo is way more complicated movement-wise than Pokemon, and the results so far are pretty darn hilarious.

For more on user-controlled Master Chief and to see the hilarity of crowd-played Combat Evolved in action, you can check out the Twitch stream for the game below:

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysHalos on

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