After Layoffs and Studio Move Sony Santa Monica Is Strengthening its Teams Again

After Layoffs and Studio Move Sony Santa Monica Is Strengthening its Teams Again

Sony Santa Monica definitely had a hectic first half of the year. After a heavy round of layoffs that left the studio with a canceled game and about 150 developers, a move to a new studio and even a new logo the house of God of War is now ready to strengthen its teams again.

Sony just published two career opportunity ads for Sony Santa Monica. The first seeks a Senior Maya Programmer, who will cover the crucial role of working on the Maya tech at the studio.

In this role you work on Maya plugins, workflows and our in-house data pipeline. Your primary customers are the contents creators and you provide them with state-of-the-art technology and features, and you care deeply about the quality of their experience and their ability to iterate and achieve high quality with the systems you provide. You maintain an open dialog with all customers, inviting feedback, looking for areas of improvement.

The second is for a character artist, a professional figure that has actually started becoming widespread in the industry fairly recently and that is becoming increasing indispensable to create the elaborate and deep characters we see in today’s games.

This comes after SSM restarted hiring with a Senior Gameplay Programmer just a month ago.

All the elements are fitting together nicely to indicate a new era at Sony’s prominent first party developer. All that’s missing now is an announcement about its endlessly teased upcoming PS4 exclusive. Hopefully we’ll hear something more about it at Gamescom.

In the meanwhile, have a glimpse at the steel version of the logo that adorns the new studio’s hallway. According to Sony Santa Monica’s official instagram account, it’s made by the Greek god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus. Somehow, I doubt that they went that far to get it done, but it looks really cool none the less.