After Reset RPG Brings Classic Fallout Gameplay Back to The Post-Apocalypse

After Reset RPG Brings Classic Fallout Gameplay Back to The Post-Apocalypse

Fans of the Fallout series may remember that before Fallout 3 was released by Bethesda Game Studios, there was a sequel being developed called Fallout: Van Buren, which continued the series in the previous isometric view and the series’ now classic RPG mechanics instead of Fallout 3‘s first person or third person view and shooter gameplay. Now Richard Nixon and his team at Black Cloud Studios have started a Kickstarter to fund After Reset RPG, a spiritual successor to both the Fallout series and their unreleased Fallout: Van Buren title, with much of the same themes and similar “90s RPG” gameplay fans have come to live.

Having worked on the project for for over a year, Black Cloud Studios’ After Reset RPG is “a classic sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG” inspired by seminal games like Fallout, Fallout 2, Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment. As you can see in the backstory and Kickstarter trailers below, the game takes place in a world where global unity and technological advancement were achieved, just before an alien attack used humanity’s nuclear weapons against itself to nearly wipe the species off the face of the earth. The remnants of civilization moved to large underground cities, living in “vaults” (Fallout fans should recognized this concept), and only returning to the surface 132 years after the “reset.”

Backstory Trailer

Now about a third of the globe is covered in “Yellow Zones” where the ruins of cities are covered in radioactive dust, and have anarchist survivor groups in control of uncontaminated food and drinking water that now cost more than human life. Another third of the earth is covered in “Red Zones,” which are the epicenters of deadly anomalies that arose after the nuclear chain reaction that changed the atmosphere and the planet. While most of humanity can no longer live here, it is perfectly viable for the mutants. Expect factions to vie for remaining resources and political control.

After Reset RPG will be developed with scientific realism in mind and a large world to explore, and with freedom of choice, branching storylines and multiple endings that influence the setting “even beyond the game you play.” After Reset RPG is inspired by “the best traditions of DnD and SPECIAL, in which even the process of character creation stretches out into prolonged enjoyment.”

After Reset RPG has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight, and is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Black Cloud Studios currently seeking $900,000 to fund its project, which ends in 28 days on Wednesday December 11th next month. Check out Kickstarter video and gallery below for more details, and the gameplay video, in full HD 1080i, which shows off the graphics level and camera views and is also below. You can contribute to this campaign by visiting the After Reset RPG Kickstarter page.

For more information, check out the After Reset RPG Indie DB page, Facebook page, and website, and check out the Kickstarter page to get to know the Black Cloud Studios team.

Kickstarter Campaign Trailer

Gameplay Footage