Age of Empires IV Behind the Scenes Video Shows How the Series Has Evolved

Age of Empires IV received a new behind the scenes video that highlights what this new entry brings to the RTS table.

After two years of silence, Age of Empires IV from Relic Entertainment and the newly named World’s Edge was fully unveiled by Microsoft at X019 Its developers claim that, like any good sequel, it will still serve as an evolution of the classic RTS series in many ways. Today, a new behind the scenes video about the game’s development was released and gives us more insight into what the vision for Age of Empires IV really is.

Game Director Quinn Duffy, Art Director Zach Schlappi, Creative Director Adam Isgreen, Community Manager Eliot Hong and General Manager Shannon Loftis all highlight various improved aspects of Age of Empires IV and its vision in this follow up video. Some of the big new things highlighted included the new art and style, which is much more detailed and lively than Age of Empires II.

They also claim that the AI of units in Age of Empires IV is different than any other RTS on the markets as each person you control has their own voices, personality, and interesting tactics. All of these developers also claim that it is adding quality of life features that have come to be expected by modern PC players, though they were vague on specifics. That being said, we will probably be hearing much more about the game as we approach its launch, and you can be sure that DualShockers will keep you updated on whatever is revealed next.

Check out the new behind the scenes video for yourself below. Age of Empires IV does not currently have a release date but we do know that it is in development for PC.

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