Age of Empires Fan Preview - New Civilization, Campaign, Gameplay

Learn about the new Age of Empires Fan Preview and everything we learnt about the new civilizations and campaigns.

April 10, 2021

Age of Empires is a beloved franchise for all real-time strategy fans. We have a brand-new look at what Relic Entertainment has created for the latest installment, Age of Empires 4!

Most AOE fans are committed to the greatness of AOE 2 and Relic is looking to balance this alongside numerous ‘improvements’ that AOE 3 made. All while borrowing from other RTS franchises as well.

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Read more to learn about what we learnt from the Age of Empires Fan Preview!

Age of Empires Fan Preview – New Civilization

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The first reveal was a new civilization which isn’t seen in earlier AOE games. However, AOE 3 fans would instantly draw its similarities with the game’s civilization, Indians.

From the Indian peninsula during the 1800s, the civilization is called the ‘Delhi Sultanate’. This civilization sports an architecture that brings to life the aesthetic of that era. And, as you might’ve guessed, they have elephants as well!

Not much has been revealed in the Age of Empires Fan Preview about it so far other than its design and some units.

New Campaign – Norman Conquest

The next reveal from the Age of Empires Fan Preview was one of the four new campaigns that are in AOE 4. Called the ‘Norman Conquest’, it is set in the year 1066 when Duke William of Normandy tried to conquer England.

The Age of Empires Fan Preview also talks about how the campaign requires the player to keep their stake over power as peasants try to uproot his rule.

The host, ZeroEmpires, talks about how it tries to remain true to history. They showcase numerous ways in which the developers have done their best to bring those times to life.

Community Council

Relic Entertainment also revealed through the Age of Empires Fan Preview that they have been constantly in touch with the AOE community.

In some of the footage revealed, we saw the likes of popular AOE community figures and esport players such as ZeroEmpires himself and veteran TheViper who are providing feedback to the developers.

This is a reassuring step from the developers. These personalities have a lot of respect within the growing AOE community.

Age of Empires Fan Preview – AOE 4 Gameplay

Finally, the Age of Empires Fan Preview showcases AOE 4 gameplay which is something fans have waited for a long time.

The Ages that will be seen in AOE 4 are exactly like AOE 2. They are:

  1. Dark Age
  2. Feudal Age
  3. Castle Age
  4. Imperial Age

Some of the important gameplay features we saw include the ability to hide inside forests and conduct ambushes, progress through wonders just like that from AOE 3, the ability to battle on walls, and last but not the least, Trebuchets!

Watch the entire showcase here –

Overall, the gameplay looks promising for Age of Empires fans as well as modern RTS fans. The graphics and the style of the cities and infrastructure remind one of another popular RTS, The Settlers. However, it does manage to imbibe a certain AOE charm with the audio and numerous gameplay features borrowed from earlier instalments, especially AOE 3.

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