Agents of Mayhem Stream Showcases Another Character with Braddock: New Gameplay Included

Agents of Mayhem Stream Showcases Another Character with Braddock: New Gameplay Included

Volition showed off Agent of Mayhem's tough Braddock with a live stream that included an interview with voice actor Cherise Booth and gameplay footage.

With their latest game, Agents of Mayhem, just a month a half out from release, Volition has been displaying a lot of what their open-world action title has to offer. Just a few days ago they showed off a new team, the Bombshells, and there was a bunch of new information that came out of E3 (including a preview from our Tomas Franzese). During a recent stream, the devs delved deep into a new character, Braddock, and even showed off some of her gameplay. To make things even more user friendly, Volition summarized everything in a highlight reel that showed up on their YouTube today.

Braddock is introduced as a ‘strong drill sergeant character’ who the programmers wanted to make ‘as a female… tough as nails… badass’. Her military presence is juxtaposed with her streetwise attitude and penchant for swearing. But really a lot of her personality is due to her very talented voice actor, Cherise Booth, who actually joined the stream for some questions and some humorous in character quotes.

Along with her cigar and oversized rifle, Braddock’s gameplay looks pretty fun within this Saints Row spin-off. She’s got double jumps and rocket jumps and the designers describe her as ‘approachable more nuanced than some of our other approachable characters’. She has a tactical style of gameplay with different gadgets. But her gun is her main draw with energy burst that have the second largest range in Agents of Mayhem; she can also change up her ammo for closer range, armor piercing rounds which pack much more of a punch.

If you can’t wait to get to futuristic Seoul, you can watch the full stream below. But still the wait won’t be long as Agents of Mayhem is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 15th in North America and August 18th in Europe.