Agents of Mayhem Gets New Action-Packed Bombshells Trailer

Check out this thrilling new Agents of Mayhem trailer featuring Joule, Redcard, and Rama, three of the game's most explosive characters.

Volition and Deep Silver released a new “Bombshells” trailer for their upcoming open world game Agents of Mayhem today.

The trailer focuses on three of the the “bombshell”, or hard hitting, characters in the game: Joule, Rama, and Redcard. Joule is a pretty, but genius engineer that can deploy turrets to annihilate her enemies. Her Master Programmer ability also makes her very useful when you need to hack into something.

Rama wields a bow, and can make more precise shots the more she charges her bow. Her arrows also deal bonus damage to shields and pierce targets that are protected by hard shields. Redcard is a football-obsessed lunatic that excels at close-quarters combat with his weapon, called the Hooligan.

The trailer shows off some gameplay alongside parts of the 2D animated cutscenes that each hero has in the game. I actually got the chance to try out two of the characters featured in the trailer, Joule and Redcard, when I went hands-on with Agents of Mayhem at E3 this year. Agents of Mayhem has also recently got some new E3 gameplay footage, which differed from what I played.

You can watch the video below. Agents of Mayhem will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One August 15.

Tomas Franzese

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