Agents of Mayhem Asks You to Put up Your Dukes for the Reveal of Daisy

Agents of Mayhem Asks You to Put up Your Dukes for the Reveal of Daisy

Volition released another character stream focusing on the bombastic Daisy, who switches up styles with her heavy minigun and swift roller skates.

Another week is upon us and it means another ‘Meet Character X Highlights’ for open-world shooter, Agents of Mayhem. Developer Volition did another hour plus long stream to introduce the extremely muscular and brash Daisy. Along for the ride were a few designers and the writer of the game with special guest Misty Lee, who did the voice work for the character.

If you’re not familiar with the set up of these streams, the Voliton folks generally show off some concept art first, then have an informal chat with the actor, and then get into the good stuff with a gameplay showcase. And while the ‘meet the’ video really does give you a good sense of Daisy as a character, a much shorter highlight reel was released on the official YouTube channel for the title.

Now that we’ve had a tough-as-nails drill sergeant, an archery-prone immunologist, and an electricity-obsessed engineer, it’s time for something even more ridiculous and awesome. Daisy is described as a ‘rockabilly roller-girl’ who oozes with confidence and happens to carry a huge minigun. One of the cool parts of the stream is watching her zip around on her roller skates while carrying such a heavy duty weapon.

The Agents of Mayhem designers watched some modern roller derby and took note of the rules and physicality to use within Daisy’s design and gameplay. The interesting thing about her playstyle is that while the minigun is like most other ones in gaming, the cooldown period is actually not a hindrance: when you need to put away the the giant weapon for a bit, Daisy goes into a fast melee position (known as ‘jammer mode’). She glides around, body checks enemies, and swings the huge minigun for a close-up attack.

Her special ability has her living up to her tank like class and just sending an unstoppable spray of bullets out with no restrictions. She can also tweak her abilities to give more power to her minigun and armor or give more speed and time to her jammer mode. Either way, she looks like a riot to play as and each character themed video gets me more excited for Agents of Mayhem.

The game is due out on August 15 in North America and August 18th in Europe, and will be available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can catch the highlight video below or watch the entire stream above.