Agents of Mayhem E3 2017 Demo Footage Released

Agents of Mayhem E3 2017 Demo Footage Released

PS4, PC, and Xbox One game from Saints Row developer, Volition, gets tons of new gameplay footage fresh out of E3 2017.

Yesterday, publisher Deep Silver and Saints Row developer Volition (who is the daughter company of Deep Silver) released a new video that showcases a demo of its upcoming game, Agents of Mayhem, which was shown off during E3 2017 at the show.

The demo footage released offers up a healthy, 40 minute-ish look at the single-player, open-world, third-person action game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC that is set to release August 15th in North America and on August 19th in Europe for $59.99 USD. It notably features Volition’s video editor Josh Stinson playing through said demo, while also talking about how Agents of Mayhem spins out of and connects with the Saints Row games.

For those that don’t know the premise of of Agents of Mayhem, you run a no-holds barred operation against the shadowy super-villain organization, Legion, fighting to take back the world after the events of Devil’s Night. The game is set in a sprawling and futuristic city of Seoul, South Korea and features three interchangeable agents, aka characters to play as.

Agents of Mayhem will be available both digitally and physically, and with have multiple pre-order bonuses — with the most significant being Saints Row’s Johnny Gat, who will appear in the game with tag-along content if you pre-order the title at GameStop.

Below, you can check out the E3 2017 demo footage: