Kingpin Brings the Boom(box) to Agents of Mayhem Character Stream

Kingpin Brings the Boom(box) to Agents of Mayhem Character Stream

Volition is back with their final, final Agents of Mayhem character reveal. Kingpin ties AoM with Saints Row and brings some sweet moves as well.

Agents of Mayhem is coming out soon. There’s just no way it isn’t. August 15th is just a few days away and people’s PCs, PS4s, and Xbox Ones are ready. But still Volition is here to tease us with even more trailers and character streams for their open-world shooter. This time we’re getting a look at the Saints Row inspired Kingpin, an agent who represents the ‘special class’ of player avatars.

While it looked like the mysterious Middle Eastern Ninja Scheherazade was going to be the last character video before release, it looks like there was just one more person to show off. This savior of Stilwater is a weapon-master, with a number of different guns available as his special gadgets. The team considers him to be a ‘build-your-own’ agent as each different firearm gives him a different playstyle (ie SMG is close-up aggressive, plasma thrower is defensive).

Kingpin also got to show off some sweet moves in this Agents of Mayhem meet the character stream: Whether it was sliding around in the air like a skateboarder or executing some Drake-style dance steps. But the highlight was the channeling of some Lonely Island mojo and throwing a huge boombox into the field. This ‘stuns’ all enemies around with an impromptu flash-mob, even making bosses cut a rug. It sure is a different way of getting your enemies of your back.

As much as I’ll miss writing about awesome characters like the smooth Kingpin, the brusque Daisy, and the brash Braddock, I’m happy that the game is finally coming out. Covering agent streams is one thing, but actually getting to see their personalities through gameplay is another. But, the full hour plus long presentation is available below, with voice actor Arif Kinchen giving some insight into into his method. Watch if you need even more Agents of Mayhem.