Agents of Mayhem’s Newest Character Is a Synergy User Named Joule

Agents of Mayhem’s Newest Character Is a Synergy User Named Joule

During Volition's weekly Agents of Mayhem livestream, the team revealed a brand new character, a synergy user named Joule.

During Volition’s weekly Agents of Mayhem livestream, a bunch of the game’s developers revealed the newest character that’ll be included in the game, Joule.

Joule is an intelligent woman who uses the synergies between her and her pet turret. She uses a weapon that shoots electricity beams into enemies, and the longer you hold that beam on a specific enemy, the more damage it does.

Joule’s mayhem ability releases a super turret that emits a huge pulse of energy that causes damage to all of the enemies in its radius.

During the livestream the developers are joined by Anna Vocino, Joule’s voice actress. She talks a little more in depth about why she likes the character and her background.

Earlier this week Volition released a brand new trailer for the game. They also showed off another new character last week, the Archer, Rama.

We got the chance to preview Agents of Mayhem earlier last month at E3, you can check that out right here to find out what we thought of our time with the game.

You can check out some highlights from the official livestream down below.

Agents of Mayhem will be available sometime later this year Xbox One, PS4, and PC.