Agents of Mayhem Hits a Bullseye with Character Reveal of the Archer, Rama

Agents of Mayhem Hits a Bullseye with Character Reveal of the Archer, Rama

The devs at Volition recently showcased their latest character Rama in 1hr+ long stream that had gameplay and the archer's voice actor, Elizabeth Schneider.

The folks at Volition are at it again with another stream that dives deep into a new Agents of Mayhem character. This open-world, third person shooter is coming out very soon-August 15 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4-so it’s not surprising that we’re getting more info. While we got a look at the tough-as-nails drill sergeant Braddock, and the Miami Vice inspired action trailer, this time it is Rama’s time to shine. She’s an immunologist of Indian descent that obviously is extremely adept at wielding a bow.

While the stream is over an hour and twenty minutes, you can view the highlight reel above to get a sense of the character bot with her personality and gameplay. And much like the Braddock stream, Rama’s respective voice actor, Elizabeth Schneider, was there to give some insight into her creative process. She also talked about her experience as a ‘dailectologist’ and her work using and training people in a number of different accents. Her Russian voice alone is enough to watch the stream.

But of course the bread and butter here is the gameplay for Rama. She is a ‘classic sniper character’ with a lot of agility and versatility. Her bow can be charged up for different strength attacks which adds a lot of strategy to her play-style. A fully charged headshot is sure to bring down even the strongest foe.

And much like Hawkeye, she has special types of arrows at her disposal. And since she’s an immunologist, you know these traps she can set up are going to be violent and virulent. Her other special bow attacks include area damage shots, panic-inducing shots, and paralysis shots. She’s definitely ready inflict chaos within the streets of Agents of Mayhem.

The full stream is available below with other neat additions like concept art from all points of Rama’s development so you can see her evolution. The glitch showcase at the end is also interesting to look through to get a sense of what Volition has had to smooth out during the creation of this Saints Row spin-off. Here’s hoping for another one of these streams before the middle part of next month. It will at least make the wait for Agents of Mayhem less painful.