Middle Eastern Assassin Scheherazade Puts an End to the Agents of Mayhem Character Reveals

Middle Eastern Assassin Scheherazade Puts an End to the Agents of Mayhem Character Reveals

Volition are back at it one last time to celebrate the sleek Agents of Mayhem assassin Scheherazade on their stream, along with voice actor Sharon Muthu.

It’s been a pretty wild ride leading up to the release of Volition’s Agents of Mayhem, with pop culture spoofing videos and even ‘sex tape‘ leaks. The open-world action game is set to release on August 15th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the personalities we’ve seen in the last few months have been very entertaining. From nimble archers to (sometimes) as nimble mini-gunners, each avatar has been uniquely different and full of charm. This is equally true for the last agent to be revealed (in stream form), the enigmatic Scheherazade.

Our latest character is an assassin that hails from the Middle East. Where is anyone’s guess. Like her short 2D intro states, she ‘has a million stories, the problem is knowing which one to tell’. The designers at Volition were trying to do something they had never seen with a ninja and make them Muslim and bound in a burqa. Of course, the garment acts as a nice parallel to Scheherazade’s ‘shrouded’ past.

The Agents of Mayhem stream focuses on the usual: old concepts of the character, a casual interview with the voice actor (Sharon Muthu), and some sweet gameplay segments. Since this is an assassin class, melee attacks were aplenty in the stream. Scheherazade is an up close and personal character and she has various slashes and slices that can bring down her foes. The coolest looking was her teleport sword attack which makes bridging the gap between her and groups of enemies that much easier.

But since she needs to be face to face with the various thugs found in Agents of Mayhem, there’s a high risk vs reward mechanic to her. The developers state that she can have the ‘shit beaten out of her but she can beat the shit out of them’ for the melee back and forth.

Along with being able to run up walls and throw her sword long distances, Scheherazade can also use her mayhem ability to get out of dangerous situations. She goes into stealth mode and can either reposition to get an advantage over her foes, or do a sneak attack, which does massive damage but deactivates the cloak for a brief period. This opens up a ton of strategies and possibilities for the assassin.

While it’s sad that this is the last character stream for Agents of Mayhem, it just means we’re even closer to launch. With just under two weeks away, we can only imagine what this excellent roster of characters will feel like to play. Feel free to watch the recap of the Scheherazade stream to get more into the mood.