Agents of Mayhem Tags in Some Gameplay Advice with new Swapping Video

Agents of Mayhem Tags in Some Gameplay Advice with new Swapping Video

Volition have come out with yet another new gameplay trailer for Agents of Mayhem, this time teaching us how to swap out characters for maximum strategy.

Volition are back at it again with yet another gameplay trailer; this time they’re showing off the swapping mechanic for Agents of Mayhem. Lead Designer Ryan McCabe guides you through the different strategies of this open-world shooter and stresses the importance of being able to switch through the diverse roster of characters on the fly. This is good advice to get players ready for the August 15th release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

While we’ve met a lot of the agents on the Volition lead streams, we haven’t really seen them working together, or rather, in subsequent spurts: There’s been the stealthy and quick melee focused combat of the mysterious Scheherazade, the trap heavy joy of the spunky Joule, and the hard hitting and hard shooting destruction of the brash Daisy. While it might be tempting to want to just stick to one character because you really connect with them, creating a team of 3 that compliment each other will be key.

The 12 character roster of Agents of Mayhem is broken up into tank classes (high HP), DPS classes (high damage output), and special classes (focused on special abilities). These different choices can be used to take down the never-ending numbers of the enemy organization Legion. The example used in the trailer has ‘special character’ Joule laying down a trap to weaken enemies where the ‘DPS character’ Daisy comes in to mow down your foes.

Agents of Mayhem has an incredible 15 difficulty modes will test player’s ability to adapt to new situations and enemy groupings. You’ll have to get use to the different shield and armor configuration of your foes and use the appropriate agents to get through some tough situations. And of course, the higher the difficulty, the harder it will be to take down the pesky members of Legion.

If you can’t wait for the week plus until the game comes out, you can watch the trailer below to get pumped. What trio are you going to get to know inside and out?