AI Should Be a Lot Better in Modern Games, But it Isn't, Says X-Com Creator Julian Gollop

The AI of modern games isn’t as advanced as it could be, X-Com creator Julian Gollop said today in a Q&A on Reddit.

He noted that developers now have far more power available to them when compared to what he had access to with the original X-Com, where he relied on tricks to create a sense of intelligence.

I think some of the same principles apply from my earliest days – a little bit of randomness can make something seem more intelligent than it is. Unpredictability is an aspect of intelligence in games.

He feels that modern strategy games don’t really seem to have moved on in a meaningful way.

I am not convinced it really is that better. The original X-Com had an AI programmed in a few Kb and was designed to run on a 80386 PC. I think the new XCOM does a good job, but it seems more behaviour based and relies a lot on the player triggering stuff.



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