Aid Or Suppress the Freedom of the Press? Make Desicions Like These In Divinity: Dragon Commander

on July 8, 2013 2:31 PM

Larian Studios has released an interactive video for Divinity: Dragon Commander that drives home the fact that as commander, you are n0t only responsible for the battlefield but for the politics that govern the Raven, a military Capital ship that serves as the living quarters and operational base.

One such scenario is the dilemma of restricting the Rivellon Times, a commercial newspaper currently in hot water because of its sensationalistic tendencies. As the commander, it falls on your shoulders to make the decision of whether to suppress the newspaper or allow it to continue running as is. The video posted below gives you a rather fun taste of that responsibility (make sure to have annotations enabled to interact with the video).

Meanwhile, Swen Vincke and┬áJan Van Dosselaer discuss the pitfalls of politics and ethics in video game design on Swen’s blog.

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