Akai Haato (Haachama) Indefinite Hiatus Shocks Reddit VTuber Fandom - Live Stream Announcement Translated

By Iyane Agossah

June 12, 2021

A few minutes after midnight JST on June 13, Hololive VTuber Akai Haato announced through a livestream and her Twitter account that she is taking an indefinite hiatus. We translated her hiatus message below, alongside the short live stream she did.

Following Kiryu Coco announcing her retirement and departure from Hololive, Akai Haato now revealed on Twitter she is going into an indefinite hiatus, shocking the VTuber scene and fandom, very active on Reddit, for the second time in a few days.

Elden Ring – E3 2019 Announcement Trailer

Elden Ring – E3 2019 Announcement Trailer

VTuber Haachama (Akai Haato) announces indefinite hiatus

On Twitter, Haachama announced: “I’ll be going on an indefinite hiatus. I’m sorry. Let’s meet again someday.”

Note that Haachama did note specify a date for her hiatus, meaning it’s effective right now. We don’t know when she will come back either.

In a follow-up tweet, Haachama specified that she will still show up at the Kiryu Coco graduation live stream on July 1:

  • KIRYU COCO – VTubers, Kazuma Kiryu pay tributes following graduation news

In a three minutes long livestream, included further below, Akai Haato / Haachama explained that while she announced the hiatus on Twitter, she’s making a short stream as well as some fans might not be looking at her Tweets.

Haachama simply stated she will be taking an indefinite hiatus, and said there is a reason behind it, but won’t be telling it, so you should just wait for her return. She then apologized and cut the stream.

In Japan, an indefinite hiatus, when it comes to the entertainment industry, can also signify a definite end. However, it’s safe to assume Haachama will come back as she said so herself.

Some fans are also worried as Akai Haato already took a break recently, citing on April 18 it’s because of her mental health, as pointed out by our peers at Game Spark.

Who is VTuber Akai Haato at Hololive?

Akai Haato is a VTuber affiliated with Hololive who debuted on June 2, 2018, so the announcement of her hiatus comes nearly exactly three years after her debut. She is one of the first VTuber at Hololive, with Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Natsuiro Matsuri, and Shirakami Fubuki.

While she’s Japanese, she studied in Philippines and Australia, and is fluent in English. She currently has over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube. She mst notably became famous in 2020 wth her Haachama Cooking videos and horror-themed videos.

Akai Haato is a tsundere who often teases her viewers for being creepy otaku, but has a pure and calm personality.

However, Akai Haato also has a different personality, Haachama, who is in fact a typical creepy otaku, and has absolutely no inhibition, organizing feet fanart contests and streams about her feet’s smell, among other things. The Haachama personality is also the base of the horror videos, and there’s a whole lore to know, as we say on the internet nowadays, and you can dig up further by checking wikis, reddit, and her streams.

Like many other VTubers, Akai Haato is also a singer. You can find many of her covers on her YouTube account.

Overall, Akai Haato is definitely one of the most original VTubers at Hololive, and hopefully she will be back soon.

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